Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine marketing has of late become one of the principle tools in the armory of the Sauvé internet marketer. This prominence of SEM is owing to the fact that the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. are being used by more and more people as their principle method of searching for relevant information. And, you can hope to sell through them if your website is visible on these search engines.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO A set of practices employed to get ranking for WebPages on relevant keywords (search queries). SEO does this by improving a websites structure and content.
Pay per Click (PPC) PPC takes the sponsored route to drive relevant traffic to a website. The positioning of Ads is determined by a competitive bidding structure. o Paid Inclusion: In paid inclusions, you can pay your way up on to the natural listings of search engines. As of now, Google has stopped its paid inclusion program.
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